• fast fashion is a race to the bottom

    fast fashion is a race to the bottom

    Fast fashion is a race to the bottom, emphasizing unmitigated growth, terrible worker conditions, and razor-thin margins (which will always result in poorer quality over time).

    Meanwhile my work is only going to get better.
  • don't be afraid to talk about your quality

    don't be afraid to talk about your quality

    Keep in mind: if you're an artist, if you're a Creative, well you've got a lot of mass-manufacturers who've tried to bottle up what you do - or something like it - and they churn things out at high waste rates, razor-thin margins, and as large a quantity as they can.

    They have a whole-ass TEAM who put together marketing lingo!

  • you are much more efficient than you realize

    My studio has taken over almost all our relatively-large basement area - including one small back room with a few shelving units that houses two large bins of my faux furs, the sewing machines I don't regularly use, my pattern filing cabinet...

  • dispatches from clown patrol, pt. 2

    Twice this last week, local businesses refused to honor gift cards they’d been happy to sell our family a while back. In both cases, the businesses didn’t apologize or offer credit or any kind of olive branch – they said...

  • five takeaways from 2022

    Don't do it for clout or fame - and don't sacrifice your ethics to make a dollar.

    I don't know how to say it any clearer than that. There are loads of people willing to cut corners, underpay employees, steal from other artists, all that stuff. If you're willing to do those things I don't know how you're still following my writings.

    But if you're NOT willing to do those things, I am here to give you encouragement!

  • it's trans awareness week, strap in because I am once again depressed about it

    As a nonbinary person I am a minority even within the trans community, which is itself already a minority. Sometimes I feel like I occupy a sliver of a sliver, which - if you relate to this in a foundational way - you know how odd that feels. It is so strange to be a normal person, a person just like every other person really, except you walk around and people tell you all the time you don't Belong. Sometimes they tell you this in really shitty ways or they giggle behind your back, but a lot of times it's this odd, polite smugness; an airy dismissal that feels impenetrable.