By Agni Hogaboom

fast fashion is a race to the bottom

If anyone is interested in defending fast fashion or truly believes the price of clothing we see is either reasonable or even too high -

I am not here to argue with them. They're simply incorrect. I don't have time to engage with this, today.

I do however, owe it to everyone to share my thoughts on the topic. Because even though I'm busy making and designing and all that stuff, I am an industry expert and I do wish people in general, respected the craft a little more.

So a few things have happened in the last few years at Bespoke Hogaboom  one is I moved to the #1 spot on Google for both tailoring and alterations here in Grays Harbor. So I've been getting more calls.

But the people who already know me, well many of them think I don't do tailoring and alterations and mending, and a few have implied this kind of work is "beneath me".

Well first of all there is no sewing or fiber arts that is "beneath me".

I love mending and alterations. I also have a lightning-fast turnaround, mostly because these kinds of work fit well into my schedule. As a custom maker I'm often waiting for a fabric or supplies to arrive,, so mending and alterations work for me.

Before you get all excited to contact me, please read on.

Some people complain that mending and alterations (mine or anyone else's) cost more than the original clothing item. Yeah - no shit! This is because Americans are buying clothes made from literal slave labor, exploited workers, and created in shoddy environmental conditions. Don't complain to your tailor that his prices are too high. You should be concerned about the legal and socioeconomic reasons we allow shady-ass fast fashion to continue. This is not your tailor's fault. In fact your tailor is providing part of a solution - mending and caring for a piece. Go educate yourself on fast fashion before telling a sewist any one thing about their business or prices. I say this with love!

Another important piece: retail clothing quality is going DOWN. You know it, and I know it.

Meanwhile my quality is going UP. :)

I am also vegan, (near-)zero waste, and I don't abuse my employees (me, lol). Every step of the way I look into how I can do things better - technically better but also environmentally better. A few months ago I saved up to buy a new label printer - one that uses zero ink, less paper, and utilizes a post-consumer full recycle label liner. I am constantly doing these sorts of things. So again: read my policies, engage with me, support me, tell local press about me, donate to my work - or leave me in peace! <3

Trust that the last thing I need - or any quality maker needs - is for you to bitch about my prices.

I have a business education and I know what I'm doing.

Fast fashion is a race to the bottom, emphasizing unmitigated growth, terrible worker conditions, and razor-thin margins (which will always result in poorer quality over time).

My work is only going to get better.

Make sure to get me while I'm still working in this field!

Trust my pieces are collector's items as well as lasting a long long long time and made with better fabrics than retail.

OK that's it for today!

Thank you for reading.