• do's and don'ts for the vegan(s) in your life

    Here's the thing.

    Finding vegan foods and products for our lifestyle, isn't that hard once we get used to it.

    What's hard, is being stuck in a goofy and unfair social contract we never consented to.

  • food security & malnutrition

    Last night I loaded up my dinner plate - a raw broccoli and cauliflower salad with tempeh bacon, parboiled-then-roasted potatoes, and Tofurkey beer brats. And my favorite drink which is this cheap lime seltzer and a bit of 100% grapefruit...

  • it's trans awareness week, strap in because I am once again depressed about it

    As a nonbinary person I am a minority even within the trans community, which is itself already a minority. Sometimes I feel like I occupy a sliver of a sliver, which - if you relate to this in a foundational way - you know how odd that feels. It is so strange to be a normal person, a person just like every other person really, except you walk around and people tell you all the time you don't Belong. Sometimes they tell you this in really shitty ways or they giggle behind your back, but a lot of times it's this odd, polite smugness; an airy dismissal that feels impenetrable.