By Kelly Hogaboom

don't be afraid to talk about your quality

Western chainstitch shirt in two-tone chambray, by Kelly Hogaboom of Bespoke Hogaboom

Yesterday I went on Instagram Live for a short video about differences in fabric quality - my goods, as compared to (even high end) retail.

Honestly - it's amazing I've never done this before as I should have - a long time ago.

I am not shy talking about my quality. It's not that. It's just: I'm busy. I've got a business - actually, three - and I'm usually drafting, designing, sketching, writing, cutting, sewing. That kind of thing.

And I've got a family, and of course I've got myself to take care of too.

I'm usually so busy developing my work that I rarely market it - actually talk about it, sing my praises.

Keep in mind: if you're an artist, if you're a Creative, well you've got a lot of mass-manufacturers who've tried to bottle up what you do - or something like it - and they churn things out at high waste rates, razor-thin margins, and as large a quantity as they can.

They have a whole-ass TEAM who put together marketing lingo!

And you?

You're an artist, you're a goofball (like me). You make something gorgeous and in the time it took you to make something you've thought of twelve, twenty, forty-thousand other brilliant ideas!


Make some time to slow down now and then, and TALK about what you do, and why you do it - and how good it is.

Some people really will think you're bragging, or that you're full of yourself, or whatever.

Those people have their own (likely unresolved) issues (probably from childhood), and they don't like YOU to feel good about your work because they feel they don't or didn't get enough attention for theirs.

And that's a sad thing but man, that's not your business. That's their issue.


I'm not saying brag (although there's nothing wrong with that and remember, corporate entities do it ALL THE TIME and they don't get criticized for it!) -

but I am saying:

Start to share!

Even a little.

Tell us WHY you do what you do, or HOW you do it.

Or how you FEEL when you Create!

I promise - 

most people really will want to hear it.