By Kelly Hogaboom

The Most Common Question I Hear

This is the question I get most often about taking my business course, The Whole Enchilada.

People want to know:

"Am I appropriate/qualified to take the course?"

Great question!

So, I'm not trying to trick anyone or get people to sign up who aren't a good fit. I really want the right people because otherwise it would be painful for both of us! I don't want a SINGLE student to sign up, and then stress out!

My two qualifications are pretty simple, actually. And you get to ask them of yourself. You are qualified if:

1. You are ready to do homework, and:
2. You are so so so fired up to create!


Let's address #2 first.

What do I mean "fired up to create"? Well if you are someone who is constantly either wanting to get in the studio or wanting to create your jewelry-making company or paint the things or fire up the kiln or you just keep designing in your mind or making sketches and you just want to make, make, make, and have people take it off your hands by buying it and showering you with money and so, THANK JEEBUS, you can make more things! And watch people compliment on you social and tag you in their posts beaming with their purchase, and for them to say Thank You So Much so you can buy more materials and equipment or afford a bigger studio or more eco-friendly packaging or new lighting etc etc.

If you want that to be your life? Something like that.

Then trust me - your work is good enough.

Because you already have that Creative drive. Your work is already perfect and unique. And whatever isn't perfect - you have that innate drive to keep working away. And just imagine how MUCH more a drive you'll have when you start getting paid to play!


And what about #1 - equally important - are you ready to do homework?

Well, how much homework? The course is two hours of lecture a week, plus about three hours' homework a week. I provide a formal Business Plan and Cash Forecast document or your final, and any questions you have are run through a small Discord community of fantastic alumni. You will also receive three one-on-one coaching session vouchers which - as many of you already know - are priceless!

I hesitate to say how many hours a week the homework will add up to because that depends on your specifics. I will say I've designed the course work to be able to work for someone with a fulltime job AND a family. Because that's what most (not all) of us have in our lives, and that's what both my partner and I had to do when we received our own business educations.

Please don't sign up, unless you plan to go all in, as Hudson enthuses!

But don't stress too much, either. I promise - it's such a small class, I'll be holding your hand the whole way. That's why I built the class as small as I did!


So that's today's post!

If you're ready to join up - or have any questions I haven't answered via FAQ - schedule a call with me!

I'd love to take you to the next level.

(As always - here is my FAQ which includes loads of testimonial links too!)