By Kelly Hogaboom

Whole Enchilada FAQ

Here are some of the common questions I receive about my business course for ethical Creatives - the Whole Enchilada.


What does the course cover?
Everything! THE WHOLE ENCHILADA! But seriously: the course is based off a rigorous business plan (I provide the outline and we go over my own as prime example!) and a cash forecast (a DELIGHTFUL and powerful document)!

My own business course facilitator in 2019 who's been doing this work for decades, told me my business plan and forecast was in the top five percent that she'd ever seen.

So if that's how well I did when I was brand new to business-buildling - imagine what I am bringing to the table today!

Finishing this work - a business plan and cash forecast - may not sound fun and sexy. But these documents are the smartest investment of your time! I built the whole course around them! This work not only prepares you for a lender or investors should you chose - family, friends, a crowdsource plan, a grant - but you will be astonished how refined your plans are by then and how confident you feel, after putting these together!

In addition, we'll be focussing on key elements that are usually missing from other business programs: in-depth social media strategy, email marketing, community-building, customer care, branding, messaging, value-added networks, client avatars - and your marketing persona.

And another thing: while everyone is creative to some extent, Creatives are a whole type of person and I excel at nurturing and emboldening them! My clients get immediate, life-changing results by working with me and you will be no exception!

How do I know if I'm "good enough" for this course?
This question has been more popular than I would have guessed. And this email is already going to be super long - so I'll address this specific question, next week! It's the most common question I get!

Am I *too advanced* for this class?
If you're worried about that, you should schedule some time to talk with me. I want the right people in the course.

I have definitely turned people away after a discussion - when I felt it just wasn't the right moment for them!

You can trust me that I don't want the wrong person in the course - just like you don't want to take the wrong course!

Make an appointment with me and we can talk about it! I'm easy to talk to and I never pressure.

You'll be glad you met with me!

How defined does my business need to be, before starting?
You'll need to pick a focus in your first few weeks. Buckle in for a wild ride: almost no one has the exact business plan they thought they would, by the course finale! But you'll feel great about the plan you've built and you will be revved up to go!

What tech do I need to participate?
You need:

* to attend coaching via Zoom (desktop or tablet)
* a Google account

Our cash forecast is built in Google sheets, so familiarity with spreadsheets is a plus. I provide the business plan outline in Google docs.

What assets will help me succeed?
I'm glad you asked! The people who get the most bang for the buck, are those who schedule ALL their one-on-ones with me, those who ask their family and friends for help and support during the eleven weeks - and those who participate in the Discord server (both during and after the course)!

The more you dive in, the faster you will see real-time, exhilarating results!

I'm ready! How can I reserve my seat?
Schedule your initial call with me, and we'll set everything up.


What is the course tuition?
$2100. Trust me, that is a BARGAIN. You'll make back your investment in revenue and opportunity cost very quickly.

How much of a time commitment is this course?
There are eleven two-hour video lectures, plus a few bits and bobs of material. I estimate five hours a week including your three hours of homework time. Remember too: we have three one-on-ones you'll need to schedule as well upon our first meeting.

Do I have to do all the work?
Your business is an investment, and if you want to build it you will have to commit to some sustained effort. I don't assign busywork. If it's in the course, it's

What happens if I fall behind?
I've given a generous four month window to complete the course. I won't lie: if you aren't self-directed you will struggle. Your one-on-ones with me will help you stay accountable, but you're going to have to set your schedule and time-block your work. Asking a friend or partner to help hold you accountable will help you a great deal.

Anything else I should know?
Your ideas are good enough, and I *will* help you find your market!

Because if all you needed was a great idea and a good work ethic we wouldn't have a small business failure rate of 50% - 80%.

I built my businesses ONE PIECE AT A TIME - with no loans, funding, or credit cards (nothing wrong with those things but I didn't want to use them) - and you can do this too!

More importantly - no one can do it for you!

If you're down to clown, schedule your call with me - and let's get you set up!

P.S. here are some live testimonies from some of my students:

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