By Kelly Hogaboom

Why My Business Course is the Best

Invest in a business course. You'll earn - and save - a lot of money.

But more importantly than that:

You'll save a lot of heartache.

There are so many business courses out there - I've graduated from a few!

And even in the worst of them I always learned a thing or two!

But I also knew something was missing!

In fact, a lot of somethings!

The Whole Enchilada is a love-offering - I'm distilling my absolute best for you.

I don't want you to waste time doing things you hate and I really, really don't want you doing things you're not comfortable with. I want you in your studio, or your garden, or your shop - getting to splash around and play and CREATE!

Put another way: I created the course I wish I'd taken ten years ago

As you can guess - especially if you've been watching my Live videos on Instagram - I'm a little fiend for business programs, courses, and classes!

Trust me that I've built the best one I can - not a single bit of busywork, superfluous material, or malarky!

Here are nine ways my course is different than any other course out there:

Unlike most business courses, the WHOLE ENCHILADA:

* has a 100% satisfaction rating from previous enrollees (check my reviews - or the testimonials at the bottom of this post!)

* is current on social media and email marketing strategy

* will not ask you to compromise your ethics

* understands that most artists don't want to mass-produce or outsource

* understands most Creatives don't want to apply sales pressure to customers

* is an intimate course - not cookie cutter! I'm not trying to grind a large number of students for earnings, to keep grant funding, nor create an "evergreen" sales funnel cash grab. The course is small and intimate. You aren't just a number. You are important to me!

* makes sure you get paid WELL, right out of the gate!

* features three one-on-one sessions with yours truly and a whole forum for questions - any time of day or night you can post them!

* connects you with the most nourishing, fantastic peer network you've ever experienced! (people call my community their "favorite place on the internet!")


(That peer network? You really have seen nothing like it! Pop into my Discord (it's free!) and take a look!

Don't feel weird looking around in Discord, or writing me back, or asking me questions.

I am not going to POUNCE and try to sell to you.

My very aim, is to be helpful for you in making the right decision for where you are today!

A wee testimonial before I go!

While I was writing up these emails last summer, I woke up to a student's fantastic testimonial - in the form of a lovely blog post she published.

I didn't ask her to write me a testimonial - it was spontaneous on her part!

(But I did ask her permission to share):

"This summer I've had the pleasure to be in class with Kelly and a brilliant, supportive cohort of other creatives. The process has helped me craft a rockin' business plan, and elicited a heady mixture of both swelling confidence and abject terror. Oh my god I'm so totally freaked out to be doing this, and thank goodness I'm not trying to go it alone anymore.

I'm so grateful for the means to access this life-changing resource. I would not be here writing this, filled with this much belief in myself, my work and my worth, were it not for Kelly."

Kirsten Gallagher, from The Urban Lotus / School of Self Study


If you're ready to make the commitment, you can reserve a call with me!

You'll be glad you did.

(As always - here is my FAQ which includes loads of testimonial links too!)