By Kelly Hogaboom

Bespoke Hogaboom's CHAOS SALE - September 9!

So here's the deal!

I wanted to host a little garage sale of my inventory - plus the clothing my family had grown out of or no longer needed - way back in 2020.

Of course - well, you know what happened!

So my attic inventory has been GROWING and now it's time to give my lovely stash a chance to find the right homes!

I have SO MANY CLOTHES to sell - from t-shirts to floor-length dresses, workwear (of course) and chainstitch and yes COVERALLS to elegant tops, cardigans, leggings and flannels.

Not to mention random bits and bobs like some of my Doc Marten collection and YES, a vintage sewing machine or two!

I will also be selling one of my chainstitch machines - including motor and table. This is the cheapest you can get a working chainstitch FOR SURE! This machine is responsible for many of the amazing chainstitch designs you've seen me create!

* edit - the coverstitch machine has been sold! *

You can see why I'm calling this the CHAOS SALE!

I would love to see you there.

So here's the gist:

1. This will happen in Aberdeen. After you register, you'll receive the address in an email on Friday. Please don't ask where this is, ask me to move the location or date, etc.

2. Covid is real and I want to be safe. Signups are for specific times - so we don't have large amounts of people here at one time. Arrive masked; the first thing you'll do when you get here is to wash your hands.

3. Payments accepted: cash, check, Venmo, and Paypal (will provide the latter addresses, at the event).

4. Please don't ask me for sizes, details, colors, styles or to send photos etc. It's just too much work for me to do! This is more of a community event than something like a retailer's sale. I'm nothing like a retailer so this event isn't about that kind of thing.

5. Please don't ask me to do this on a different day, a different time, or put together an online version, etc. This kind of thing takes a lot of work to organize and I'm doing exactly as much extra work as I'd like.

6. The prices here will be pretty goofy. As in: very low! My coveralls go for $750 and these will be anywhere from $100 to $400. Custom jeans similarly low priced. And yes many FREE items - free with purchase. The bottom line is I have loads of gorgeous pieces - some made by me, some retail garments with good name brands - and I want them to go to good homes.

7. Dress so that you can easily get changed and try things on (there will be two private rooms for changing). Bring a flexible tape measure - this will help you in picking sizes that work for you. Remember, my work doesn't come in retail sizing!

8. Hang out! I am not just relentlessly trying to get rid of inventory - I want to say Hi and I want to see you! Please do join me for coffee, tea and snacks - and/or to help fold and re-sort anything that gets mussed!

9. This event is also the day after my 22nd wedding anniversary so feel free to give us some happy wishes!

If you have questions - email me directly.

I can't wait to see you!

Sign-ups here:

2 PM - full

3 PM - full

4 PM

5 PM

6 PM 

Bespoke Hogaboom Chaos Sale September 2023 | Kelly Hogaboom in Aberdeen, WA