By Kelly Hogaboom

bespoke hogaboom garment and product guide

Hello peeps!

Let me share a bit more detail about what to expect when selecting one of my garments or products.

I'm pretty different from you standard shop because everything I make is:


and one of a kind.

I also make my pieces to order, so they are not mass manufactured in any way.

Here are the different types of pieces you'll find here.


Custom couture is the exemplary, top-of-the-line experience.

The design will be unique.

The fit will be superior to anything you've yet experienced.

The fabric and materials are far better than what you'll find retail - full stop.

This piece will be your favorite garment in your closet: and will last, and last and last.

Custom couture is made after we have a meeting - in person, on Zoom, on the phone, or through email - and I send you an invoice. When you make payment on the invoice, that is when we are committed to one another! I get sketching, designing, drafting, cutting, embellishing, constructing - doing all those wonderful things I do so well!

If I'm making a custom piece for you, this both requires our FOCUS.

Custom pieces are investment pieces. Please read my Pricing and Policies so you know what to expect.



Made-to-measure is the next step down from Custom, because there are far more design parameters locked in. For instance: I may or may not offer options on the piece that I would with custom.

Usually made-to-measure is at a lower price point than custom. But these are still investment pieces, they are still made one at a time - and my policies apply! (Click through above, to read those)!


If you're looking for my style and amazingness at a lower price point, these following two products may be just your speed!


Now and then I create limited drops of screenprinted or chainstitched goods that are made on fair-wage, vegan blanks - like hoodies, or crewneck tees, that sort of thing.

While I will always find the largest size range garment AND only shop for blanks where the garment workers are treated well - I can tell you from experience the actual construction quality of these shirts, while very good, cannot rival custom.

Please remember: mass-manufactured pieces - including even high quality blanks! - will ALWAYS be of inferior fabrics than the ones I can obtain. This is one reason the price point is quite a bit lower than custom and made-to-measure.



Occasionally on my site you'll find fabrics or garments that are from my stock or inventory. Read each listing carefully; all relevant specs will be there. Usually these pieces, supplies, garments et cetera are on sale at a fraction of original price.

You can contact me if you have any questions!



I am an artist and designer first and foremost.

Get my pieces while they are available; there is no guarantee whatsoever I'll make anything like them, ever again.

Thank you for supporting my work!