• Bespoke Hogaboom CUSTOM Stocking
  • Bespoke Hogaboom CUSTOM Stocking
  • Bespoke Hogaboom CUSTOM Stocking

Bespoke Hogaboom CUSTOM Stocking

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Orders close December 10th, so I have time to make, curate, pack and ship in time for Christmas!

Please, in the order notes as you checkout, include the following:

1. Your recipient's NAME and mailing address. Make sure you've got it right!

2. Any food ingredients they do NOT eat; and

3. (Optional) - a gift message you'd like me to send them

Please please please make life easy on both of us and make sure to include the above information!

Now: read on!

Absolutely stop stressing and send your loved one a custom stocking!

I will not lie, I have always enjoyed the holiday stretch - from mid-October through the new year!

For me this is a time of warm coats and scarves, more evenings at home with loved ones, for special treats. As hellish as Capitalism is - walking through every shop and seeing tons of cheaply-made goods (made by the literal hands of modern-day slaves and that is not hyperbole) there's also something weirdly insulating about it all. I don't do much shopping during the holidays - I make a lot of things, and I buy from small business artisans like myself - but there's a strange buffered anonymity about the holidays that I find comforting.

But here's the thing!

Not everyone feels that way!

This season can be VERY stressful for many!

THEE WHOLE POINT of this custom stocking is that all you gotta do is sit back, send me an address, and KNOW that a gorgeously-wrapped, perfectly curated stocking full of bespoke goodies (and a chainstitch monogram, NATURALLY) will arrive to your recipient's household in time for Christmas!

This is less of a gift and more a CHRISTMAS SERVICE! 

I have a limited stock, obviously - because these are very labor-intensive and will be occupying all my working hours for the next several days!

Orders close on the 10th.

I'd love to make your loved one something special!

So what are you waiting for?

I'd love to get started on this for you!


To make sure I have time to curate and mail this fantastic item!