Tiny Horror

Tiny Horror Hug Club, Stitching/Concept by Kelly Hogaboom, illustration by Shaky Hands Co-Op

Supporting our trans community through a mutual-aid, garment and fashion gifting program.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. I am a nonbinary, vegan designer living and working in Aberdeen, Washington. I create couture, workwear and fashion gifts – no two alike! I work in a (near-)zero waste studio and I mindfully craft pieces with every single stitch made by yours-truly, on vintage refurbished machines. My entire work ethic is to create beautiful garments that are unlike any other, that fit better than anything you’ve worn – and that last forever.

2. I started the the Tiny Horror Hug Club in mid-2021. I create couture, workswear and fashion gifts for trans or gender-diverse homies – at no cost to them.

3. I send out emails regularly! In those emails I share what I’ve been up to! I also give a heads-up a week in advance when I’m opening my schedule for regular clients, and I give a heads-up when I have a Tiny Horror Hug Club offering!

4. Read that email carefully and decide if the project is JUST RIGHT for you!

6. We'll meet and discuss the project - then move forward!

7. Make sure you have my email address in your Contacts/whitelist. And make sure you’re getting my Wednesday emails. Things can end up in Spam for no good reason!


So is this run on the honor system?

That’s right! I’m not going to do any snooping, verifying or gatekeeping to look into your gender status. That would be weird!

How can you afford to do this?

Great question! I can do this through donations on my Buy Me A Coffee platform. I keep track of the donations that come in, and the pieces I’ve sent out.

What exactly do you design and make?

Glad you asked! I make amazing, one-of-a-kind, joyful, long-lasting, gorgeous-fitting pieces! You can see some of them here.

Can I help support this program?

Yes indeed! The number one thing you can do to support me is to become a yearly BMC Member, or to Follow me (no cost for the latter option). But you can also send Support in any amount. EVERY DOLLAR, is appreciated!

Are you size/age inclusive?

Absolutely. Literally no size or age limit or restriction.

Can I order something on behalf of a friend?

I understand this impulse and I appreciate your kindness! But I’ve found it’s best if my THHC recipients are people who are already drooling over my work. Your friend may not like my work, or they may say they do just to be polite!

So please don’t push the program on someone (although suggesting it, is just fine!) If you don’t want to apply for a piece yourself, the best way you can support this work is to TELL people about the program, or to donate to the program by becoming a Member.

Can I order something specific from you as a Tiny Horror Hug Club recipient?

Sort of? Usually, in my Wednesday emails when I have a THHC offering I’ll have something I’ve already crafted, OR I’ll have a certain project I want to make – like a cropped satin roller-disco jacket, or yummy hoodie, or a subversive fanny pack, or a big feckin’ dramatic tulle skirt. If what I offer doesn’t flip your switch, then don’t sign up! Because there will be others who definitely want it.

Occasionally I’ll do an open call where you really can order a piece just like a custom order! In any case, you need to be watching your email like a hawk, and you need to be ready to really FOCUS and make time to take a call from me, so we can move forward.

Can I use my THHC eligibility for discounts as a regular client?

Nope! THHC is entirely separate from my custom client work.

Of course – you’re free to commission me just like any other client, and you’re getting the same exact Wednesday emails that will give you a heads up when my professional schedule opens up.

But these are two entirely separate aspects of my business.

Kind of like Sherlock Holmes said: “My professional charges are upon a fixed scale; I do not vary them, save when I remit them altogether.”

Besides donating or giving you a Follow, is there any other way I can help?

Yes, tell people all about me! And specifically, tell your favorite podcast about me.

I think I’m a good fit for the following types of media:

1. LGBTQ+ podcasts – specifically for trans and nonbinary topics

2. Podcasts focusing on ethical small business

3. Vegan podcasts

4. Sustainable fashion podcasts

I will tell you frankly – this program will wither and die, without more support! My favorite marketing is the sincere word-of-mouth we do for causes we believe in. So let people know who I am and what I’m doing!


Thank you so much for being here, and being a supporter!