It is harder than ever to run an ethical, *joyful*, balanced artpreneurship.

If you knew me at all, you'd know I don't say this lightly.

But maybe you don't know me yet!

I've got 100% satisfaction rate as an instructor, mentor, and designer (go ahead, Google me - "bespoke hogaboom" - and read my reviews and testimonials!)

If you'd like to have me as a mentor - engaging in a commitment to one another to build your best ethical entrepreneurship - then please do apply for my services!

I have two packages - one, a standard professional mentorship, and the second includes professional mentorship as well as a website and email marketing training (the latter is the smartest thing you can do, to avoid being trapped in the capricious and soul-destroying social media grind)!

I can lead you to your best entrepreneurship - free of affiliateships, hard sales, corporate buy-ins and partnerships, and crummy customers.

If this is something you're interested in, our next steps are as follows:

1. apply for mentorship (no cost); do fill out the form completely (link below)

2. I will review your application and if I think a meeting would be fruitful, I'll send you a link.

Now this is very important:

Neither step one or two here, commit either of us to a contract together.

So have no fear in applying, and (if I approve you) meeting with me.

You will find I never, ever practice hard sales or apply pressure.

My business model is about consent, and respect - 

you'll see that in my every interaction.

Apply here.