Can you make me ______________?

It's going to be a lot better for both of us if you don't think of me as a clothing provider or a mass-producer (I'm neither) - but as an artist.

I don't prioritize quantity of sales.

I prioritize LIVING WAGE work (for myself and the artists and practitioners I work with).

I am either making you something custom, or I have in-stock items.

For in-stock items what you see on my site, is what you get. Please do not submit special requests for any in-stock items.

Here's the great news!

The smartest way you can apply for custom couture and workwear - is to get on my email list.

I write Wednesdays at noon. When I am ready to take a new client - my email list is the first to hear about it!

Do you have this in size ______________?

Great question!

So for ALL my custom work, I make the garment according to your measurements and needs.

I don't charge more for plus sized/fat/full-figured clients.

For anything that is printed or created on blanks, I use the largest size range I can find in fair-wage inventory!

But! I don't want to leave anyone out! I have a limited number of custom sized (size C) if you are larger or smaller than the print blanks I was able to source at fair-wage practices. These C sizes are CUSTOM made but I offer them the same cost as the print blanks!

(Yes, really!)

Just like the print blank sizes, there are limited quantities of size C. So again - make sure you're on my email list to get first look!

What exactly do you design and make?

Glad you asked!

I make... whatever I feel like making! Come get a taste on my IG!

Come get a taste! @kellyhogaboom on Instagram

Is all your work vegan?

Yes. Vegan AS FUCK!

Are you open to doing a collaboration?

Are you serious and ready to focus? If so, email me - and tell me as much as you can about what you're envisioning.

Can I take lessons / ask questions / get your expertise / "pick your brain"?


I heard a rumor you teach yoga. Where can I take a class?

I teach in Grays Harbor, Washington. I am happy to travel for the right opportunity. I also send out emails during the month featuring yoga resources and writings! You can sign up here.